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      Definition of Osteoporosis - Meaning of Osteoporosis

      what is Osteoporosis?

      Osteoporosis is the disease which affects the bones inside the body of the human beings. Osteoporosis can be defined as the condition which makes the bones porous due to lack of intake of calcium by the individual. This is the condition in which the bones of the patient become weak and light weight and they loose substantial amount of bone issues throughout the whole a skeleton of the patients suffering from the condition of Osteoporosis.

      Osteoporosis can affect any individual and this is actually attributed to lack of concern and lack of intake of calcium knowingly or unknowingly by the individual patient.

      Osteoporosis also generally affects women in their postmenopausal stage. The direct effect of the condition of Osteoporosis can be seen in the form of patient getting fracture in the bones very easily. Extra calcium supplement should be taken in order to prevent the condition of Osteoporosis.

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